Gabrielle Obrist / Yvonne Höfliger / Alfred Zimmerlin et al.

TONundTON 1990–2019

Installations by Theres Stämpfli and Peter K Frey


128 pages
26 x 23 cm, 98 ills, hardcover
English / German

 28,00 incl. VAT

Release date: August 2019

Exhibition at KunstHalle Will, Kanton St. Gallen (CH), 1.9.–13.10.2019
ISBN 978-3-89790-562-7 Category:


The ceramicist Theres Stämpfli (b. 1952) and the musician Peter K Frey (b. 1941) have been working together under the name TONundTon since 1990. The artist duo always operate in terms of location, frequently searching for deserted buildings robbed of their function, such as a former reservoir or a transformer tower dependent on a power supply. The artists successfully revitalise the abandoned locations with sensitive, often anthropomorphic ceramics and sounds that fill the entire room. Even when intervening in museums, their installations alter the overall perception of space. In so doing the two artistic disciplines come together to form a collective project, both audibly and visually. The current publication TONundTON is the first major documentation of their work. A soundtrack belonging to each of the images can be played by accessing QR codes in order to unite the acoustic and visual performances.


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