Glenn Adamson / Esther Niebel / John White


Works in Porcelain—Arbeiten aus Porzellan 2018–2023


160 pages
22 x 33 cm, Hardcover, 144 ills.
English / German

 38,00 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-89790-694-5 Category:


The catalogue Tunnel presents works from 2018 to 2023 by ceramicist Johannes Nagel (*1979). The majority of the objects were formed by the artist’s hands digging into sand to form cavities, negative spaces, which were then molded and revealed using liquid porcelain. By doing this, says co-author Esther Niebel, the artist imprints his own presence in to the objects. In addition to the extraordinary shapes thus created, expressive colors and the painting of the objects play a central role in Nagel’s work. Accompanied by essays, the excavated and cast pieces are presented in full-page photographs in a staccato portrayal of objects and ideas.


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