Iris Maria vom Hof (ed.)


Photographs by Joachim Baldauf

160 pages
21.5 x 28.5 cm, approx. 90 ills.
English / German

 34,00 incl. VAT

September 2024

Leica Galerie, Vienna (AT), Spring 2025
ISBN 978-3-89790-721-8 Categories: ,


Joachim Baldauf, renowned proponent of international fashion photography, presents a new, previously unknown side to his creative output. Inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Walpurgis Night” in the tragedy Faust I and II, his portraits, studio subjects, and outdoor themes illustrate its content with artistic freedom. Thrilling, revealing, and erotic, all leitmotifs tell their own story, complement each other, and spark the imagination. From analog photography via mixed reality to the use of artificial intelligence, Joachim Baldauf moves masterfully through a complex network of possibilities, true to the maxim “Consider What, more deeply consider How” (Faust II, Act II).


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