Gisela Jahn, Nadine Engel, Museum Folkwang Essen (eds)


Das Grün in den Schalen


120 pages
16.5 × 21 cm, 60 ills. Swiss binding.

 28,00 incl. VAT

Galerie Greve, Cologne (DE): 19.6.–29.8.2020
ISBN 978-3-89790-605-1 Category:


Since 2008 Young-Jae Lee (b. 1951), the head of the ceramic workshop Margaretenhöhe Essen, has been creating her Spinatschalen (Spinach Bowls)—round-bodied vessels on simple standing rings, whose diverse glazes bring out the aesthetic appeal of these impressive dishes. Behind the purist form of Lee’s bowls lies a long history stretching back to Korean vessels of the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392) by way of Japanese tea bowls. This publication reveals much more than just the genesis of the Spinatschalen; it unlocks a piece of ceramic history. Negotiating the complex historical and cultural relationships between Japan and Korea against which the tea bowls evolved, it uses examples from Museum Folkwang to also illustrate the German reception of East Asian ceramic vessels at the dawn of the twentieth century.


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