Review of Chunghi Choo and her Students

Patrick R. Benesh-Liu has written a fantastic review of the publication Chunghi Choo and her Students: Contemporary Art and New Forms in Metal in the 44th issue of Ornament Magazine, which we would like to share:

„A good book should tell someone’s story, and tell it accurately, in detail, and with appropriate context. Accomplished during the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, this glittering tome provides a comprehensive insight into the work and career of Chunghi Choo, a multidisciplinary artist who immigrated to the United States from Korea, and received the bulk of her artistic higher education in the States.“

You can find the entire book review here.

Here you will also find an interesting article by Jo Lauria on Chunghi Choo’s jewelry, which was published in the same issue of Ornament Magazine.

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