Kunsthalle Wil (Canton St. Gallen, CH), 1.9–31.10.2019
Exhibition opening: Saturday, 31.08.2019, 6 p.m.

Since 1990, the artist duo TONundTON [Sound and Clay; in German, both notions share the same word: Ton], Theres Stämpfli (ceramist) and Peter K Frey (musician), have been developing sound installations – always with reference to space and the existing environment. Their productions often invite interaction.

For the exhibition at Kunsthalle Wil, the duo, which works across materials and media, deals with human “movements” – from daily commuting between spheres of existence and effect to far-reaching migration processes. Stämpfli and Frey trace the paths they have taken, trace (life) lines and lay out (sound) traces. The fired clay and the sound as tone merge in the multi-layered installation Transit into a unique visual and acoustic experience.

The exhibition is accompanied by the first publication on TONundTON’s complete artistic work, which will appear on occasion of the opening in our programme.

arnoldsche Tonundton Theres Stämpfli Peter K Frey Kontrabass Keramik Kunst Sound Art
Theres Stämpfli and Peter K Frey

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