Michael Brix


André Le Nôtre in Versailles
248 pages
24 x 26 cm, 148 illustrations in colour. Hardback with dust jacket.
ISBN: 978-3-89790-241-1


The garden of Versailles is still a magnet for millions of visitors a years. What is behind the mystique of this magical place?

Michael Brix
tracks it down. For decades the garden continued to be enlarded and remodelled while André Le Nôtre was seeking to articulate his vision ever more boldly and clearly. His revolutionary approach to the interplay of illusion and perspective brought forth a kaleidoscope of solutions, each more sophisticated than the last.

The author has succeeded in tracing the maturing of a great artist an visionary of the Modern Age. One understands why Versailles came to represent the pinnacle of 17th-century Baroque garden design and why its influence on landscape architecture was so lasting. Some of the author´s innumerable superlative photographs have even ben digitally processed to show how the garden once appeared to the Sun King. Many of the historic plans for the garden are published here for the first time in colour.

Using the natural elements, the great landscape architect Le Nôtre contructed an artificial cosmos with evocative intimations of infinity. This magisterial study encompasses all the original states of the garden on down to the spectacular recontructions of recent years.

The French Edition “Le Nôtre À Versailles” was published by the french publishing house Nicolas Chaudun.

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