Jochen Amme


Supplement to AMME 2002
224 pages
24.5 x 32 cm, over 100 illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket.
ISBN: 978-3-89790-261-9


In 2002 ARNOLDSCHE published the compendious work by the collector and writer
Jochen Amme

(672 pages, 450 colour plates). Now we are publishing a supplement.

The Supplement to AMME 2002 is structured in nine chapters, in which the author has focused on the one hand on medieval subject matter, and on the other hand, on the latter half of the 20th century (up to Postmodernism). The astonishing and unusual ‘spread’ between the Middle Ages and Postmodernism is what makes this new book so excitingly relevant. Nowadays anything to do with the Middle Ages arouses lively interest and Postmodernism is being discussed from all angles, the art historical as well as philosophical. Drawing on compelling examples, the author demonstrates that Postmodernism with its use of sculptural and archaising forms reveals surprising affinities with much earlier periods. The “Jugendstil/Art Nouveau” and “New Objectivity” cutlery sections in the 2002 edition have been systematically enlarged: new patterns have been added to the collection and patterns already in it have been supplemented.

In Historic Cutlery 2002, the author was utterly convincing in his vivid approach to structuring his collection in historical sequence and his profoundly scholarly discussion of his chosen field. The exacting standards he set then are more than met in this new publication.


HISTORIC CUTLERY. Changing Shapes from the Paleolithic to Modern Times

HISTORIC CUTLERY III. From the Early Period until around 1600

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Historic Cutlery I, II & III
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