E. Goring | H. Clifford | N. Romano | F. Carli | R. Strong KEVIN COATES: A HIDDEN ALCHEMY
E. Goring | H. Clifford | N. Romano | F. Carli | R. Strong


Goldsmithing: Jewels and Table-Pieces
316 pages
21,5 x 32 cm, over 670 colour illustrations. Hardcover cloth bound.
ISBN: 978-3-89790-284-8


“Hidden Alchemy” is the first comprehensive publication on the work of Kevin Coates. Known to many as Britain’s “archimagus” of goldsmithing, he has created tableware and art jewellery for almost four decades, working as far out of the limelight as possible. His work is independent and untouched by fleeting fashions.

Although Kevin Coates is known for his consummate workmanship as a goldsmith, what matters most to the discerning viewer is the intellectual and spiritual approach to jewellery-making which informs each of the artist’s pieces. Kevin Coates is inspired by music, the theatre, painting, literature, mathematics, mythology, science and nature. And his creativity, his “arcane alchemy”, transforms his works into superlative icons of contemporary gold-smithing. Celebrated works of his, such as “The Amity Cup”, the “Queen of the Night” diadem, the “Charter Bell” and Downing Street’s “St. George Centrepiece” are in leading public and private collections in Britain and are known worldwide. Coates is a scholar, whose PhD thesis was on the geometry of numerical proportion in musical instruments, and an accomplished professional musician specialising in Baroque and early Classical music. Concerts in which he has played have been broadcast throughout Europe. Kevin Coates is a Liveryman of the Goldsmiths’ Company and a Fellow of the Royal College of Art. He was recently appointed Associate Artist with the Wallace Collection in London.

A first, sumptuous overview of Kevin Coates’s stunningly independent œuvre: surveying not only jewellery and tableware the publication introduces his exquisite jewellery series (“The Birthday Jewels”, “The Mozart Jewels”, “Fragments”, “An Alphabet of Rings” and “A Notebook of Pins”).

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