Cindi Strauss


Avant-Garde Jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
504 pages
24.5 x 30.5 cm, 1,075 colour illustrations. Hardcover with dust jacket.
ISBN: 978-3-89790-273-2


The Drutt Collection, encompassing 800 jewellery objects and
drawings by more than 170 world-famous artists from 1963 to the
present, documents the profound changes that have taken place since the 1960s in the way jewellery is perceived. At that time artists broke with the conventional jewellery tradition to view their works in the broader context of overall movements in painting, sculpture and architecture. By then what counted was artistic intention rather than the market value of the materials used.

Helen Williams Drutt English

founded the celebrated Helen Drutt Gallery
in Philadelphia, which specialised in contemporary jewellery and
ceramics. She lectures worldwide, has received several awards
and is the author of numerous publications. She is indeed an important mediatrix of culture.

This publication sets standards for measuring the importance of
contemporary jewellery as a global art form.

This publication shows the collection as a whole, with each piece illustrated, and a selection of over 200 objects presented
in large-scale illustrations and extensively analysed by Cindi Strauss, curator of contemporary applied arts and design at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. In addition, the author demonstrates the linkage of contemporary jewellery and modern art in an essay on the subject. Further, a detailed chronological history of contemporary jewellery and artist biographies provide invaluable information.

Artists (a selection):
Gijs Bakker | Manfred Bischoff | Claus Bury | Peter Chang | Arline Fisch | William Harper | Yasuki Hiramatsu | Hermann Jünger | Otto Künzli | Stanley Lechtzin | Fritz Maierhofer | Bruno Martinazzi | Breon O’Casey | Pavel Opočenský | Albert Paley | Wendy Ramshaw | Marjorie Schick | Bernhard Schobinger | Olaf Skoogfors | Peter Skubic | Robert Smit | Emmy van Leersum | Tone Vigeland | David Watkins

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