W. Stürzl | M. Hardmeier (Hg.) RADAR
W. Stürzl | M. Hardmeier (Hg.)


Texts on Contemporary Art. Essays and Interviews by Peter Stohler
128 pages
17 x 25 cm, 63 black-and-white illustrations. Hardcover.
English / German
ISBN: 978-3-89790-278-7


In “Radar”,
Peter Stohler
, art scientist an curator of the Geneva Media Art Centre CIC, has collected a number of important essays and interviews from recent years. What all texts have in common is an interest in individual works of art and artists who address key issues related to contemporary culture: the representation of violence in art (as in Christoph Draeger), dealing with dependence, submissiveness and helplessness (in Smith/Stewart) to drag, adaptation and irony (as related to gender performativity, for instance). Two interviews concerning the boundaries of performance (Victorine Mueller) and crossing boundaries in the medium of photography (Judith Schönenberger) round off the book.

The essays and conversations in “Radar” localise fields and positions within contemporary art and – like a radar screen – make things visible that would be invisible to the “naked eye”, excitingly capturing the mood of an art praxis (primarily Swiss) between 1997 and 2007 against the background of developments in Europe and the US.

The artists discussed in the book include:
Joseph Beuys | Teresa Chen | Christoph Draeger | Lyle Ashton Harris | Lang/Baumann | Valentin Magaro | Marc Mouci | Victorine Müller | Judith Schönenberger | Smith/Stewart | Veronika Veit | Hannah Villiger | Lothar Windels

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