Toni Schmale arnoldsche Art Publishers
Madeleine Frey, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen (Hg.)

Toni Schmale

80 pages
21 x 28 cm, 40 Ill. Softcover.
German / English
ISBN: 978-3-89790-589-4


The work of Vienna-based artist Toni Schmale is characterized by a combination of minimalist sculpture and Pop-culture references. She frequently uses steel and rubber in her sculptures, alluding to a material fetish that develops an imaginative life all of its own. This leads to a multilayered oeuvre of drawing, animation, performance and video, and minimalist sculpture, in which she questions existing power relations and directs radical criticism towards them. In the publication to the exhibition at the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, existing and new works conceived especially for the exhibition are presented, accompanied by texts that engage with Schmale’s work on a literary level.

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