arnoldsche Publications for Exhibitions

A large number of our publications have been or will be published for exhibitions, which, for some, can be seen well into 2019. Discover the Norwegian artist Aslaug M. Juliussen in Tromsø (NO; until 31.3.2019), and create a counterpoint in Zurich with the ethnological collections of Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter (until 8.9.2019), which are currently on display there in the Ethnographic Museum of the University. Travel through the history of lacemaking in St Gallen (CH) and see its Collection of Historical Lace (until 31.3.2019). A very different chapter can be discovered at the Vonderau Museum Fulda (DE): that of the Jungen Kunstkreises Fulda (until 24.3.2019), a haven of German post-war art in which careers such as those of Franz Erhard Walthers and Verena Pfisterer began. The exceptional artist Franz X. Höller is showing his latest works in glass at the Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf (DE; until 10.3.2019). In the GRASSI Museum of Applied Art in Leipzig (DE), you can take a closer look at ceramics spanning the exciting fields of Vessel and Sculpture and see for yourself the play of colours and rich diversity in the artistic interaction with traditional materials (until 31.10.2019). Material is also the subject of a small yet impressive show at the Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen (DE). Thirteen emerging artists and two pioneers of media art present their concept of art in the age of digitalisation and ‘industry 4.0’ (until 3.3.2019).

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