Lindemann, Wilhelm

Wilhelm Lindemann, born 1949. Studies in philosophy, comparative literature and social work. Worked in Idar-Oberstein as curator for the exhibition programme ‘Idar-Oberstein schmückt sich’.

Since 2005 has curated the annual academic symposium ‘Schmuck-Denken – Unterwegs zu einer Theorie des Schmucks [Thinking Jewellery – On the Way Towards a Theory of Jewellery] held by the Trier University of Applied Sciences degree course in precious gemstones and jewellery design. Visiting lecturer for the theory of art at the Fachhochschule in Idar-Oberstein.

Bernd Munsteiner – Reflections in Stone (ed.) Stuttgart 2004
Bengel Art Déco Jewellery – A Monument to Jewellery and Industry in Idar-Oberstein (ed.), Stuttgart 2007
Zeitgeist – Century of Idar-Oberstein Costume Jewellery (ed.), Stuttgart 2009
Thinking jewellery – A Theory of Jewellery (ed.), Stuttgart 2011


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