Bauhaus in Darmstadt: Book launch

Faculty of Design, Darmstadt (DE)
Sunday, 16.2.2020, 11 a.m.

The University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Faculty of Design will present Gestalt und Hinterhalt. Das Bauhaus im Spiegel der Mathildenhöhe [Form and Attack. A
Reflection of the Bauhaus in the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt]: Mathildenhöhe is known, above all, for its artists’ colony
established in 1900, with its prominent Wedding Tower,
designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich, and adjoining exhibition
building, an impressive example of Jugendstil architecture
in Germany. It was from there that numerous professional
and personal relations among various Bauhaus protagonists
The authors Justus Theinert and Kai Buchholz trace the links between the two institutions and follow the key figures from the beginnings of Mathildenhöhe to the post-war era.

arnoldsche Bauhaus Darmstadt Mathildenhöhe Theinert Buchholz Gropius Mahler Olbrich Meyer Itten Reformbewegung Beziehungen Spiegel

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