Book launch: Mandala – In Search of Enlightenment

Here you will find a list of upcoming book launches and events related to the publication Mandala – In Search of Enlightenment :

  • 24 March, book launch: Songtsen House, Gubelhangstraße 7, Zurich (CH), 7:30 pm, admission 15 CHF (INFO)
  • 25 March, book launch: Literaturhaus Liechtenstein, Poststraße 27, Schaan (LIE), 7:30 pm, admission 15 CHF (INFO)
  • 17 April, talk: “Himalayan Wonders Unearthed: 35 Years of Research and Exploration in the Western Himalayas”, The Explorers Club, 46 E 70th Street, New York (USA), 6 pm, Eintritt 30,50 USD (INFO)
  • 21 April, book launch and conversation with Matthew R. DeSantis, followed by a signing with book sales: Tibet House, 22 West 15th Street, New York (USA), 6 pm, free admission (INFO)
  • 22 April, talk and workshop: “Earth Day: A Workshop On High-Altitude Photography | Preserving Cultural Heritage Sites”, Tibet House, 22 West 15th Street, New York (USA), 2–4 pm, 10–50 USD (INFO)
  • 15 June, book launch: Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft e.V., Haus der Religionen, Böhmerstraße 8, Hannover (DE), 7–9 pm, admission 12 EUR (INFO)

Hailing from the cultural realm of India, the mandala serves as a meditation aid and at the same time reflects an ancient symbolism of strictly geometric basic forms accompanied by an interpretation of its sacred content. In his book author, photographer and exhibition curator Peter van Ham offers an impressive first analysis of the phenomenon of sacred geometry in art and architecture and their underlying ideologies.

arnoldsche @ SCHMUCK 2023

International Crafts Fair / SCHMUCK in Munich, March 8–12

Finally, the art jewelers are back in Munich! After a hasty exit in 2020 and a rather personal fair 2022, the first post pandemic SCHMUCK will take place this year. More colorful, louder, crazier.

Of course we will come to Munich too – and will present a couple of our latest jewelry publications with international guests from all over the world. The official arnoldsche program:

– Thursday, March 3, 4 pm: book presentation of Margit Jäschke. Kairos at Galerie Biró, Zieblandstr. 19

– Friday, March 10, 10 am: book presentations of Chunghi Choo, Joyce J. Scott, Laurie Hall, InFlux, and Deganit Stern Schocken at Galerie Handwerk, Max-Joseph-Str. 4

– Saturday, March 11, 7 pm: exhibition opening of Therese Hilbert. Rot at Die Neuen Sammlung – The Design Museum, Barer Str. 40


Here’s also the complete Schmuck program. We hope to see you in Munich!




Esther Brinkmann Rob Koudjis Alphabet rings ausstellung exhibition monograf monograph material

Esther Brinkmann in Lausanne

Gallery ViceVersa, Lausanne (CH), 19.11–17.12.2023

What relationship do we have with jewelry, what place does it occupy on our body, in our hand, what status do we want to give it? For Esther Brinkmann, wearing jewelry influences our gestures, our attitudes, our relationship with our body. They serve as a bridge between our personality and the other, the public. Her long stays in China and India have allowed her to develop her work of ornamentation and, thanks to her encounters with the best craftsmen, to impregnate it with warm materials. Emotion is at the heart of the encounter she wishes to offer to the wearer of the jewel.

A classical training at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva allows her to launch her personal work. The creation of a higher section and the teaching she gave there for nearly twenty years made her a key figure in contemporary jewelry.

Her pieces can be found in the public collections of the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Genève, the Mudac, the Swiss Confederation, the FNAC (FR) deposited at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (FR), the Museo Internazionale delle Arti Applicate Oggi of Turin (IT) and the V&A Museum of London (GB).

The Swiss gallery ViceVersa now presents the pieces of Esther Brinkmann in a comprehensive exhibition. The monograph, recently published in our program, will be available on site. Those who do not have the opportunity to travel to Lausanne can also purchase it online from us::

Goldschmiedehaus Hanau Markus Pollinger siebertriennale silver triennial huycke

Silver Triennial – Twentieth Worldwide Competition!

Deutsches Goldschmiedhaus, Hanau (DE), 30.10.–30.12.2022 | Prize presentation and exhibition opening: Sunday, 30.10.2022, 11:30 p.m.

The Association for Goldsmith’s Art and the German Goldsmiths’ House have been supporting the silversmith scene since 1965 with the worldwide Silver Triennial International competition. In this year’s exhibition, 67 artists present exciting ideas for silver design that deal with the new requirements of the silversmith craft. This year, we are once again pleased to be able to award prizes to three outstanding positions in the main competition and as many as five up-and-coming artists.
arnoldsche Francesco Colli Hartwig Rohde HuyckeChristianne Weber-Stöber GfG Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst Silbertriennale International 20. weltweiter Wettbewerb Silver Triennial International 20th worldwide competition



Hartwig Rohde, Director of Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.
Claus Kaminsky, Major of the City of Hanau
Dr. Christianne Weber-Stöber, Director of Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau

The catalog with all the award winners and exhibition participants
will be published in our program




Abbildung: David Huycke, Cosmic Bubbles, Object, 2022, 925/000 silver, 16,5 x 22 cm


Bautier, 314 Chaussée de Forest, 1190 Brussels
Wednesday, September 21, 6 pm

In the presence of Sisse Bro

Bautier in Brussels invites all interested parties to celebrate the career of Kai Kristiansen, one of Denmark’s eldest and most industrious furniture designers, on September 21 at 6 pm.

The occasion for the event is the recently published monograph KAI KRISTIANSEN. An Industrious Designer, which for the first time provides an overview of Kristiansen’s more than 70-year career and prolific output. The copiously illustrated biography reveals how Kristiansens basic tenets of economy and ecology influenced the manufacturing processes of the furniture industry outside the spotlight of Copenhagen. Editor of the book and design writer Sisse Bro has worked closely with the designer and introduces his work here while locating it within Danish design history, while Kristiansen himself openly shares his experiences, ideas and visions in a retrospective of his work and life.

Photo: © Jesper Kristiansen

Esther Brinkmann Rob Koudjis Alphabet rings ausstellung exhibition monograf monograph material

Esther Brinkmann at Gallery Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam

Alphabets for Rings
9. September 9, 2022—22. October 22, 2022

Rob Koudijs presents the first show with works by Esther Brinkmann in his Amsterdam Gallery.

‘All my rings deal with the space between the ring and the finger, their position on the hand, the room within the construction of a piece, and matters like weight and texture’.

By concerning herself with these themes, she has built up a personal Alphabet of motives and models. The results will never cease to surprise, because she uses both precious metals and iron – she loves working in unruly materials – and she employs a great variation of techniques, ranging from forging and casting, to assembling and knitting. Since she spent many years in China and India, the minimalistic principles that had been the artists guideline for many years – both in construction, finishes and decorative elements – were greatly enriched by her encounter with these countries. All of a sudden colourful, figurative elements popped up, and so are jades and unconventionally cut gemstones, which demanded their spot in the limelight. Brinkmann concentrated in her most recent work on ‘gestures’ encircling the finger. Rings executed in iron turned out to be tough and rugged, occasionally softened by gold components, however the space around a finger was also investigated in fluid shapes build up in precious metals.

We are happy that the first comprehensive monograph on Esther Brinkmann’s work appears just in time to be presented on occasion of the exhibition.

Annamaria Zanella 1966–2022

When the sun of life sets,
the stars of memory shine

In deep sadness
and heartfeld sympathy


Wenn die Sonne des Lebens untergeht,
leuchten die Sterne der Erinnerung

In tiefer Trauer
und innigem Mitgefühl


Quando il sole della vita tramonta,
brillano le stelle della memoria

Con profonda tristezza
e sincera simpatia

Arne Jacobsen’s Gesamtkunstwerke in Mainz

Gesamtkunstwerke – Architecture by Arne Jacobsen and Otto Weitling in Germany
Zentrum Baukultur Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz, 13.9.-21.10.2022

The Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen mastered design from the smallest fork to the monumental town hall. Less well known is that he also realized a number of projects in Germany in close partnership with the Danish architect Otto Weitling – a collaboration that set the tone for the development of modernist architectural language. The history of these buildings and their subsequent perception reveals much about their time of origin and the ideas and visions that preceded them – but also about the close connection between architecture, city and politics.

The last station of the touring exhibition in Mainz and the accompanying book published in our program illuminate the work of architects in Germany. Here they have realized projects on various scales: from the bright Arne Jacobsen Foyer in Hanover to a group of residential buildings in Berlin’s Hansaviertel, the City Hall in Mainz, the Christianeum in Hamburg, the HEW high-rise in City Nord, and urban development projects such as the Forum Castrop-Rauxel or the vacation resort on the island of Fehmarn: here German-Danish architectural history becomes visible.

The exhibition opening will take place on 13 September 2022, 7 pm at the Zentrum Baukultur, Mainz.

Further information on the project can be found at:

Photo: Mainz City Hall, © Hendrik Bohl

arnoldsche Schmuck Quiet Elegance Jewelry Eleanor Moty Racine Art Museum Wisconsin

Eleanor Moty at the Racine Art Museum

Quiet Elegance: The Jewelry of Eleanor Moty: Exhibition and book launch
Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin (US), 17 August 2022–28 January 2023
Book launch and signing: Friday, 2 September, 5:30 p.m.

Whether referencing the landscape or architecture or both, metalsmith Eleanor Moty creates distinctive jewelry that poetically encompasses both wearer and viewer. Moty first gained recognition in the 1960s and 1970s for using cutting-edge fabrication techniques—such as electroplating and photo-etching—in adornment. She shifted her focus toward including stones in her work and the large-scale brooches she has been creating over the last couple of decades exemplify her dialogue with the “linear imagery” of quartz stones.
In essence, Moty’s elaborate and time-consuming process begins with finding the right stone—which a stonecutter has modified—and building from there. The artist engages with the tone, shape, and features of her chosen stone. Preferring brooches to other forms of jewelry, she remarks on their relatively self-contained nature: “Brooches needn’t be worn to be complete … Not having to fit the piece to the body … I can concentrate on the sculptural aspects.”
Moty has been applauded for her many contributions to the field, including a 28-year teaching career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison—in a department she helped develop into one of the most well-regarded in the country.
Featuring over 35 works, including several from the Racine Art Museum’s holdings as well as recently finished pieces, the recent <a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>exhibition</a> owes not only its name, <em>Quiet Elegance</em>, to the recently-published monograph on the artist. It also follows a similar arc to the book in representing Moty’s working career to date—over 50 years of making.
The publication <em>Quiet Elegance: The Jewelry of Eleanor Moty</em><a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”></a> appeared in 2020 in our program and is available either through our webshop or also at the RAM Museum Store – and naturally in all fine bookstores.

Book launch: EYES AS BIG AS PLATES 2

Rizzoli Bookstore, 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 (USA)
Tuesday, September 13, 6 pm 

Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen will present the second volume of their remarkable art project Eyes as Big as Plates at the bookstore Rizzoli.

The two artists explore in their since 2011 ongoing project the relationship between humans and nature. To this end, they have traveled the world and created portraits of fifty-two people in diverging landscapes. The sensitively shot photographs open up new aesthetic worlds full of playful effortlessness that convey a strong message: We are nature!

To register for the event, click here.

Eyes as big as plates Karoline Hjorth Riitta Ikonen photography Fotografie Inszenierung Natur nature symbiocene people human mankind

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