arnoldsche LithoMania Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin Idar-Oberstein Theo Smeets Ute Eitzenhöfer Claudia Banz

LithoMania in Berlin

Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen, Berlin, 21.1.–3.4.2022
Preview: Thursday, 20.1.2022, 10.00–18.00

The exhibition Design Lab #11. LithoMania is part of the series Design Lab of the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin, in cooperation with the Department of Gemstones and Jewellery at the Trier University of Applied Sciences / Campus Idar-Oberstein. The students explore new perspectives in the artistic use of gemstones and place the traditional stones in a modern context. Ethical questions of stone mining and the examination of ambivalent properties of the stones also flow into the experimental works of the students.

The exhibition is curated by Claudia Banz and Theo Smeets.

The following students are exhibiting: Ana Bellagamba (MX), Natascha Frechen BFA (DE), Sandra Hartman (NL), Mana Jahangard (IR), Biljana Klekachkoska (MK), Sophia Kron (DE), Felicia Mülbaier (DE), Gina Nadine Müller BFA (DE), Elias Neuspiel (AT), Helena Renner (DE), Constanza Salinas (CI), Miriam Strake (AT), Nioosha Vaezzadehangoshtarsaz (IR), Luisa Werner (DE), Lisha Wang (CN) und Ye Wang (CN) and the following artists: Peter Vermandere (BE) und Cornelia Wruck (DE)

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication LithoMania.

Mai Ishikawa arnoldsche invisible thread bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein mikiko minewaki sayumi yokouchi  jewelry studioschmuck art kunst ausstellung schmuck kimono stoff fabric

Mari Ishikawa in Munich

Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich (DE), 21.1.–19.2.2022
Soft Opening with Mari Ishikawa: Friday, 21.1.2022, 14.00–18.00 and Saturday, 22.1.2022, 14.00–18.00

With INVISIBLE THREAD II. Beyond Words – Join the World the Bayerische Kunstgewerbeverein (BKV) presents an exhibition with works of the Japanese artists Mari Ishikawa, Mikiko Minewaki and Sayumi Yokouchi, who live in different places and are shaped by different ways of thinking. They continue to challenge themselves to research topics such as jewelry, people, nature and the complexity of everyday life. By sharing their common interests and unique visions through the eyes of contemporary jewelry they are creating unique works.
Personal contact is particularly important for jewelry experiences as it functions with the human touch, with the human body. However, due to the Corona situation completely new communication channels had to be found and needed to be established. This exhibition does not only present wonderful artistic jewelry but reflects also on the individual ways of its creation.


A comprehensive monograph on Mari Ishikawa has been published by our publishing house.

Heidi Kippenberg in Berlin

Brutto Gusto, Wielandstraße 34, 10629 Berlin

From 10 September 2021

Our monograph on Heidi Kippenberg is now available. Anyone who also wants to see some originals will have the chance to do so from 10 September in Berlin.

At the age of 80, Heidi Kippenberg has once again produced new, exciting works for the current exhibition at Brutto Gusto.

Silke Trekel Tubifex Hanau Goldschmiedehaus Ausstellung

Silke Trekel in Hanau

Ulrike Kleine-Behnke. Silke Trekel. Material. Form. Schmuck.
Goldschmiedehaus Hanau (DE), 12.9.–10.11.2021
Both artists will be present on Sunday, September 12, and they will guide through the exhibition at 11 a.m., 12 a.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m.

With the exhibition Material. Form. Schmuck [Material. Shape. Jewelry], the Deutsche Goldschmiedehaus Hanau continues its series of encounters between two female artists.
The works of Ulrike Kleine-Behnke and Silke Trekel share a conception of jewelry that is reflected in their courage to use large formats and in their understanding of jewelry as body-related small sculptures. A sensitive handling of form and material can be read in their works.
Both artists were influenced by their studies at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle (DE).

The publication Ornament in Transition on the work of Silke Trekel was recently published in our program.

Silke TRekel Ornament Transition Jewellery Jewelry Schmuck Porzellan Metall Porcelain metal

Helen Drutt Rings! Moore College

Rings! – Helen Drutt and The Galleries at Moore College

The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia (US)
June 5 – July 17, 2021

School’s out but there is still plenty to see at The Galleries this summer! Starting June 5, we will once again open our doors to walk-in visitors. We look forward to welcoming you back with RINGS!, opening next week.

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, humans have adorned their fingers with ornamental jewelry. From signifying one’s marital status to protecting the wearer from forces of evil, rings have served practical, symbolic and decorative purposes throughout history and across cultures. On view June 5 – July 17, RINGS! offers a glimpse into the boundless creative freedom revealed within the ring form.

Featuring work from Australia, Austria, England, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States, this international selection brings together over one hundred rings that demonstrate the artists’ wide-ranging expressions through a variety of aesthetic and conceptual ideas. From the traditional techniques of metalsmithing to avant-garde materials and approaches, the rings on view will offer a new examination of the cultural, political, and personal meanings of the ring itself.

RINGS! is organized by Helen Drutt and researched by Elizabeth Essner with assistance from Colleen Terrell.

arnoldsche In Flux Cummins Strauss Skinner jewelry counterculture art america usa

In Flux – authors talk

Friday, July 23, 2021, 7 p.m. CET / 1:00 p.m. EST

Authors Susan Cummins and Cindi Strauss will present and discuss their book In Flux: American Jewelry and the Counterculture. This program features two of the three authors and will ​provide insight into the period, artists, and jewelry that emerged during the turbulent decades of the 60s and 70s in the US. Following the talk, the authors we will have a Q+A discussion with the audience. Attendees are encouraged to read the book in advance of the event. Submit any questions ahead of time to The book is available for purchase on our website.

This book was produced through AJF’s fiscal sponsorship program, which provides financial management for projects in the art jewelry field.

This event will be streamed live via Zoom and Facebook. Register in advance here.

Kim Buck Kammertonen Kopenhagen Bygning Jorunn Veiteberg arnoldsche Jewellery Box Jewelry real thing vare

Book launch with Kim Buck and Jorunn Veiteberg

Kim Buck: Kammertonen
Bygning A, Copenhagen (DK), 20.5.–1.8.2021
Book launch: 20.5.2021

The title of the exhibition plays on the fine saying about keeping the civil tone, ie minding our mouth. Kim Buck has something to say that concerns us all, and the exhibition communicate important messages and invites reflection on how we behave together: Why does the tone of the public debate sometimes get so harsh, why is it so hard to keep the civil tone?

In the exhibition, standard pitch generators and jewelery with titles such as ‘Løsgænger’, ‘Æv bæv’ and ‘Opblæst’ in a whimsical, understated way will provide food for thought. Here you find puns and craftsmanship in fine union with loving appeals for change. National and religious symbols with new meaning. Recognizable and typical jewelry shapes that have just been given a twist, which means that we now look at them – and at the world around us – in a new way.

Simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition ‘Kammertonen’ on May 20 at gallery Bygning A, the book The Real Thing will be released. For this book the Norwegian arthistorian, author and curator Jorunn Veiteberg has written an elaborate essay the portrait of Kim Buck and his works.
Jorunn Veiteberg will also be present May 20 and display her own bookrelease – on her own jewelry collection – The Jewellery Box.

You can get both books in the shop at Kløvermarksvej 70, Copenhagen, and naturally here on our website.

arnoldsche Danner-Stiftung Danner-Preis Danner Prize Dittlmann brosche magnet winner preiträgerin 2020 ausstellung Neue Sammlung Design museum

Danner Prize 2020

Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Munich (DE), 15.10.2020–11.4.2021

The Danner Prize is an award presented to distinguished artists from Bavaria. The 100th anniversary of its establishment is now cause to present the current award winners and other exceptional submissions in a large exhibition at Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum and with a comprehensive publication. For the very first time, contemporary works are placed alongside highlights of the foundation’s own collection, complemented by precious artefacts by the Royal Bavarian court goldsmith Karl Rothmüller, who was once a key supporter of the foundation’s inception.
The 2020 Danner Prize was awarded to jewellery designer Bettina Dittlmann. Her brooches and pendants form the most delicate of sculptures: large magnets are used as a base on which a bouquet of further elements are arranged. Ordered or chaotic, amplified or reduced, the wearers themselves decide on what best suits their mood. The finest of pigments lend the pieces an intense coloration, bringing a luminous quality to the assemblages.
The four honorary Danner awards were presented to Petra Bittl, an artist working in sculptural ceramics; Otto Baier for his forged titanium objects; Peter Bauhuis for his impressive hybrid chain sculptures; and Paul Müller for his minimalist candleholders. Thirty-four additional works from various craft disciplines – from fascinating works in glass to traditional straw wickerwork – are testament to the diversity and high quality of this year’s submissions.

arnoldsche Danner-Preis Danner-Stiftung Danner'sche Dittlmann Bittl Bauhuis 2020 Nollert Bazlen Tröger Aiwanger

Initial image: Bettina Dittlmann, Wohin (Whereto), 2019, brooch: iron, solder, pyrite, garnets, neodymium disc magnet; soldered, enamelled, set; © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021 for Bettina Dittlmann; photo: Danner-Stiftung / Eva Jünger

Aufmacherbild: Valérie Wagner, Objekt, 2018, Schiefer graviert; Foto: Cornelia Wruck


Showroom SCHÜTT, Pforzheim (DE), 5.11.2020–18.7.2021

The ROCKSTARS from the Idar-Oberstein campus take the stage of contemporary jewelry by storm!

Raise the curtain for the ROCKSTARS from the Idar-Oberstein Gemstone and Jewelry Campus in the showroom of the Schütt family business. in Pforzheim. The setlist includes fifty hits and brand-new releases by the alumni and students from the Idar-Oberstein campus: they are declarations of love, experimental snapshots or rebellious works all about gemstones.
Idar-Oberstein – world trading center for gemstones of all kinds and at the same time a place for studying in absolute seclusion – serves the students as a rehearsal room where they can break with existing structures and work experimentally. As ROCKSTARS, the students and alumni now appear with contemporary jewelry pieces that not only show the material gemstone in unexpected and unconventional ways, but at the same time redefine elements of a centuries-old gemstone aesthetic and are thus socially positioned.
arnoldsche Campus Idar-Oberstein Rockstars Edelsteine gemstones jewellery jewelry schmuck kunst art artists schütt


A publication to present all exhibited objects will appear in our program.









Initial image: Valérie Wagner, Object, 2018, engraved slate; photo: Cornelia Wruck

Arnd Hoch

Arnd Hoch

June 25, 1966–December 14, 2020

In deep sorrow.

Dirk Allgaier
and the team of arnoldsche.

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