Made in Denmark

Exhibition at Glass Museum Riihimäki, Finland [Suomen Lasi Museum], 15.2.–21.4.2019

Since the GRASSI Museum was opened in 1874, Danish arts and crafts have played an important role there. Even the oldest collections of the museum include contemporary ceramics from Denmark. In the course of roughly 140 years since then, the inventory increased a lot in several stages. In particular the last few years saw the addition of many pieces – including entire collections.

In light of this, the idea for the exhibition MADE IN DENMARK was created. It shows a multi-faceted image of the development of Danish design since about 1900.

Most of the pieces exhibited here are connected by their mix of a certain aesthetic restraint and love for a high quality of design and craftsmanship. This applies to individual pieces of precious materials as well as to serially produced goods of steel and plastics.

The exhibition is made in cooperation with the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig, Germany.

arnoldsche Art Publishers Spring/Summer 2019 programme

We are currently working hard on compiling our forthcoming Spring/Summer 2019 programme. Once again you can look forward to a multifaceted panorama of classic themes from arnoldsche ART PUBLISHERS. Over the next six months we are publishing titles with a strong international and sculptural approach, on studio ceramics with the Malin Miller Collection, utensils by David Huycke and fine art from Gene Koss. We are especially delighted to be publishing Schmuckismus, a catalogue for the exhibition of the same name in the Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum in Munich (DE). Responsible for the both the exhibition and the book is Karen Pontoppidan, professor for jewellery and utensils at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. One particular highlight will be Canada and Impressionism, which is being developed in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada. And for the significant forthcoming anniversary of the Bauhaus we too will be contributing two wonderful publications: the GRASSI Museum in Leipzig (DE) is planning the comprehensive catalogue Bauhaus_Saxony, and Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha (DE) will be issuing a book on the universal artist Oskar Schlemmer. As always you can find an overview in our main programme, which will be released at the end of December.

arnoldsche Art Publishers at the Book Fair

We can also look back on a successful 2018 Book Fair. We and our publications on the applied and fine arts were once again in good hands in Hall 4.1. We are delighted that our new releases on non-European art, such as Netsuke and Encountering – Retracing – Remapping, found as much favour as our books on ceramics, such as Gitte Jungersen and Vessel/Sculpture 3, and not least those on auteur jewellery, such as our recently released titles Annamaria Zanella and Gisbert Stach. Every year at the Book Fair we particularly enjoy being able to meet up with our international representatives and thus continue to build and strengthen our distribution structure – in China, the United States and Canada, among other countries.

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