Exhibition: Bauhaus_Saxony

GRASSI Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig (DE), 18.4.–29.9.2019, opening event 17.4.2019, 6 p.m.

On the occasion of the Bauhaus anniversary, the GRASSI Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig presents for the first time an overview of the work of Bauhaus artists in Saxony.

100 years ago, Saxony was already a center of the furniture and textile industry, which played an important role in the serial production and dissemination of important Bauhaus designs. The GRASSI Museum itself plays a special role in the Bauhaus movement in Saxony with the windows developed by Josef Albers and the in-house GRASSI fairs, which have provided an important forum for the exhibition of Bauhaus products since 1919.
The exhibition at the GRASSI Museum for Applied Arts in Leipzig follows in detail the traces that the Bauhaus builders left behind in Saxony and the products that could be manufactured through the innovative power of the Saxon industry of the time. With numerous originals: works of art, furniture, fabrics, lamps, silverware and ceramics, the GRASSI Museum once again shows the manifold manifestations of the Bauhaus.

Of course, GRASSI does not ignore the Bauhaus masters, from Wassily Kandinsky to László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee to Josef Albers, but it also focuses on artists born or working in Saxony, including Marianne Brandt, Otti Berger, Grete Reichardt, Hajo Rose and Franz Ehrlich. But the special exhibition also includes contemporary artists with their reflections on the Bauhaus anniversary: artist Judith Raum dedicates an installation to a repressed chapter of the Saxon textile industry. Textile designer Katharina Jebsen had several Bauhaus materials rewoven for this purpose. Martin Furtwängler presents the announced but never published second Bauhaus graphic folder. Oskar Rink dedicates his work to the continuation of Bauhaus pictorial spaces, to name but a few.

A comprehensive publication comprising 85 contributions by 50 authors on 22 locations in Saxony appeared in our program to accompany the exhibiton.

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