Sarah-Katharina Andres-Acevedo / Alfredo Reyes, Röbbig München (eds)

Hidden Valuables

Early-Period Meissen Porcelains from Swiss Private Collections

416 pages
24 x 28 cm, 350 ills. Hardcover.

78,00 incl. VAT

Release date and delivery May 2020

Exhibition: Musée Ariana, Geneva (CH), 7.2.–6.9.2020
ISBN 978-3-89790-586-3 Categories: ,


Switzerland is well-known for its host of remarkable collections of eighteenth-century European porcelain. Exemplary representatives of these are such extraordinary collector personalities as Albert Kocher or Dr Marcel Nyffeler. A number of these magnificent collections can be found today – as a result of endowments or gifts – in Switzerland’s renowned institutions. Today the ‘white gold’ from Saxony still fascinates Swiss connoisseurs: this publication is dedicated to their passionate collecting and exceptional treasures and is enriched by articles by renowned art historians and porcelain experts. An impressive overview of the gems of the most sumptuous Meissen porcelain of the early period!

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