Carl Aigner / Mirella Cisotto Nalon / Nina Schedlmayer / Jonathan Wahl


Mindscapes. Jewellery and Photography


128 pages
26 x 21 cm, 127 ills, brochure with flaps
English / German

 28,00 incl. VAT

Release date and delivery October 19

ISBN 978-3-89790-576-4 Category:


Over the past twenty-five years, the Austrian artist Margit Hart has created an extremely diverse oeuvre of contemporary jewellery. Mindscapes, the name of her latest group of works, is synonymous with her ever changing jewellery objects. Since 2009 Margit Hart’s work – parallel to her jewellery – has extended into abstract photography, resulting in a mutual dialogue between both disciplines. In her Schattenflug [Fleeting Shadows] works, she goes beyond illustrating the purely representational to create imaginary three-dimensional pictorial spaces that immerse us in mysterious worlds of light and shade. This monograph showcases the interplay between both modes of artistic expression in a tangible way.


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