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Empty House

176 pages
22.5 x 28.5 cm. 178 illustrations (159 in colour). Hardback.
English / German / Italian

 49,80 incl. VAT

ISBN 978-3-925369-92-6 Category:


All you need to lose yourself in this book is your imagination and perhaps a modicum of curiosity to trace the footsteps of the people who once lived in Robert Smit’s “Empty House”. Robert Smit tells a story about an empty house and the people who lived in it, including Bello, a dog he loved, and the girl Lili. The jewellery artist tells this story with his jewellery, inviting the reader to one of the most extraordinary encounters with this art form ever to have appeared in print.

The book goes back to the artist’s growing realization that modern art was condemning itself to “splendid isolation”. What he was after was not “beauty for museums” but jewellery that opened itself to the world and detached itself from the value judgements passed by connoisseurs.

The brilliantly designed book offers intriguing insights into this fascinating œuvre of Robert Smit.





Robert Smit was awarded with the 41st Ring of Honour 2014 of the Association for Goldsmiths’ Art.



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