Showroom SCHÜTT, Pforzheim (DE), 5.11.2020–18.7.2021

The ROCKSTARS from the Idar-Oberstein campus take the stage of contemporary jewelry by storm!

Raise the curtain for the ROCKSTARS from the Idar-Oberstein Gemstone and Jewelry Campus in the showroom of the Schütt family business. in Pforzheim. The setlist includes fifty hits and brand-new releases by the alumni and students from the Idar-Oberstein campus: they are declarations of love, experimental snapshots or rebellious works all about gemstones.
Idar-Oberstein – world trading center for gemstones of all kinds and at the same time a place for studying in absolute seclusion – serves the students as a rehearsal room where they can break with existing structures and work experimentally. As ROCKSTARS, the students and alumni now appear with contemporary jewelry pieces that not only show the material gemstone in unexpected and unconventional ways, but at the same time redefine elements of a centuries-old gemstone aesthetic and are thus socially positioned.
arnoldsche Campus Idar-Oberstein Rockstars Edelsteine gemstones jewellery jewelry schmuck kunst art artists schütt


A publication to present all exhibited objects will appear in our program.









Initial image: Valérie Wagner, Object, 2018, engraved slate; photo: Cornelia Wruck

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