Travelling exhibition Gerhard Munthe

The travelling exhibition Gerhard Munthe – Fairytale Interiors of the Norwegian National Museum has embarked on its journey: The first stop will be the Romsdalsmuseet in Molde until  May 19, 2019.

One of the most famous works by the Norwegian artist Gerhard Munthe is the Fairytale Room in the Holmenkollen Turisthotell. It is probably Norway’s first complete work of art. Gerhard Munthe developed a comprehensive design from the wall frescoes to the door and window frames and the furniture. In 1896 he made the first drawings, which the wood carver John Borgersen then put into practice.

Unfortunately, the hotel, which had been traditionally built of wood, was completely burnt down in 1914 and only a few pieces of furniture and early photographs could be saved.

A comprehensive overview of Gerhard Munthe’s life and work can be found in Jan Kokkin’s publication, which appeared in 2018 at Arnoldsche.

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